Rules and guidelines A-Z

Updated: 2017-01-11 in: Governance documents
The list below is a compilation of rules, guidelines, manuals, etc., issued by various departments and units within Karolinska Institutet. Work to revise and organize this information is ongoing.
  1. Organisation 
  2. Education, undergraduate and graduate level
  3. Doctoral education
  4. Research
  5. Information
  6. Economy
  7. Staff/Work environment
  8. IT

1. Organisation

Delegation rules

Environmental and sustainability management system

Internationalisation strategy

Organisational plan for Karolinska Institutet

Rules for steering documents at Karolinska Institutet

Rules of procedure for Karolinska Institutet

Strategy 2018

To be completed.

2. Education

To be completed.

3. Doctoral education

Rules for doctoral education at KI

General syllabus for third-cycle/doctoral education in the subject of Medical Science

Antagningsordning till utbildning på forskarnivå (only in Swedish)

Forms and documents for doctoral education

General information about doctoral education

Rules and instructions for withdrawal of resources for doctoral students

Additional regulations and steering documents for doctoral education

4. Research

Academic leadership at the research group level

Access to animal facilities

Animal experiments in research

Application for ethical evaluation of animal experiments

Educational requirements for animal experimentation

Open access policy

Processing cases of scientific misconduct

To be completed.

5. Communication

E-mail signature

Graphic rules

Social media


6. Economy

To be completed.

7. Staff/Work environment

Adjunct teacher, agreement on fixed-term employment

ALFA-agreement,  working as a government employee in Sweden - benefits and terms of employment

ALFA-agreement, local

Appointments procedure for teachers and researchers

Code of conduct

Compensation for overriding KI appointments

Conflict of interest

Co-operation agreement, local

Department heads, job description and recruitment procedure

Discrimination, harassment and victimisation of employees


Equal treatment, action plan

Follow-up and development dialogue

Function and composition of the Department Council

Leadership guidelines at Karolinska Institutet

Official entertainment


Payments, grants to non-employees

Postdoc, temporary employment


Salary as a management tool


Secondary occupation

Teaching fees for external teachers

Telecommunication equipments etc.


Trainee job, for individuals with a foreign background

Travel regulations

Work compensation at KI

Work environment and health

8. IT

Liability Agreement

E-mail signature

Information security, rules and guidelines

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