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Updated: 2012-04-03 in: Communication
The most successful method of online communication is the journalistic technique: write the most important thing first. Use this technique both when composing a text yourself and when publishing material that you receive from others.

Things to consider when writing a news tip


A concise headline grabs the reader’s attention. Write in the present tense.


A brief lead-in summarising the news. Write the most important thing first.

Body text

Write simply, concisely and in short paragraphs. Here, too, the most important thing should come first. Use subheadings if necessary.

Don't forget

  • Include your sources and their contact details.
  • Include any relevant links.
  • Send any attachments (preferably as PDF files) with simple, clear names. Attachment names may not contain the letters å, ä, ö or other special characters.
  • Send photographs (if any), stating the name of the photographer.
  • Make sure that the news item is available in both Swedish and English, if necessary.

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