Governance documents

Strategy 2018 is now available in two versions – one full version and one summary. The strategy, describes the overall goals for KI and the strategies that will result in concrete action plans in all areas of the university’s activities in order for the goals to be achieved.

News and announcements

Propose candidates for the position of Pro-Vice-Chancellor

10 Sep
The Government has today, on September 10, appointed Professor Kerstin Tham new rector of Malmö University. The recruitment of new Pro-Vice-Chancellor now continues. The University Board 2015-06-08 decided on guidelines for the process.

Acting Vice-Chancellor and University Director during the summer of 2015

12 Jun
During the period of June 29 to August 9 (week 27-32), the following people are acting Vice-Chancellor and University Director:

Karolinska Institutet’s Annual Report 2014

24 Mar
Karolinska Institutet's annual report for 2014 is completed and the financial report shows that KI's finances remain strong.

Budget data submitted to the government

06 Mar
Karolinska Institutet's budget data for the period 2016 - 2018 has been submitted to the government. It contains proposals for grants, etc. and budget until 2018.

Karolinska Institutet is recruiting a Deputy Vice-Chancellor for International Affairs

16 Dec
In order to reinforce KI's position as a world-leading medical university, KI has begun the process of recruiting a Deputy Vice-Chancellor with responsibility for international affairs.
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