Laboratory safety

Help us make Karolinska Institutet a safer, more secure and more sustainable workplace.

When you report an incident in the lab, a stolen bag, a chemical spillage or the like, you help us find short and long-term solutions to problems.

All chemicals used in the KI laboratory activities - with the exception of medicines and drugs - should be recorded in KLARA, and inventoried in KLARA at the beginning of each year. KLARA provides instructions on how registration and inventory should be conducted.

News and announcements

Are you shipping biological samples, dry ice or dangerous goods? Welcome to information about transport regulations!

07 Mar
Karolinska Institutet Solna, 20e & 21a mars Karolinska Institutet Huddinge, 22a & 23e mars Report your participation to

Invitation course in KLARA chemical register

16 Dec
The 2017 years chemical inventory opens on the 30th of January and is open until 5th of Mars. A number of courses in KLARA chemical register/inventory are now available in correlation to the inventory.

Download the new poster on laboratory safety at KI

28 Sep
There's a new poster on laboratory safety at KI for you to print and post in your lab or office.

Announcement for chairperson of the Biosafety Committee at KI

22 Jun
The Biosafety Committee works on behalf of the Board of Research and is KI’s coordinating and advisory body within the field of biosafety. The Committee also ensures that laws and regulations are followed in the field.

New English version of the KI radiation protection rules

26 Nov
If you are working with radiation, it is time to replace the old version of the KI radiation rules. You will find the current version of the document, with up-to date contact information under "Radiation protection".
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Biosafety coordinator
Jenny Karlsson


08-524 866 02
Chemical Safety Coordinator
Ulrika Olsson


Laboratory Safety Coordinator
Ingela Djupedal