Forms and documents for doctoral education

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At this page you will find forms and documents concerning doctoral education.

Most forms and documents are available both in English and in Swedish. Blanketter och dokument på svenska.


The forms are Word-files.


Applications for admission are to be submitted to the Admissions Board at the relevant department. Each application is to include forms 1, 2 and 3.

Form 1: Application for assessment of eligibility to doctoral education
Form 2: Application for admission to doctoral studies (form 2, application for admission, shall be submitted to the Admissions Board at the department. Each application is to include forms 1, 2 and 3. Please note that form 1 must be approved before you can apply for admission).
Form 3.1: Individual study plan - degree of doctor
(revised 2016-10-20)
Form 3.2: Individual study plan - degree of licentiat (revised 2016-10-20)
Instruction to form 3 (revised 2016-11-01)

Yearly follow-up and half-time review

Form 4: Yearly follow-up of the individual study plan (revised 2016-06-15)
Form 5: Half-time review protocol, doctoral student 

Licentiate and doctoral degree

Form 6: Application licentiate seminar (revised 2016-02-09)
Form 7: Examination Board's preliminary review, licentiate degree 
Form 8: Transcript licentiate degree seminar  
Form 9: Application public defence (revised 2016-02-18)
Form 10: Examination Board's preliminary review, doctoral degree 
Form 11: Transcript of public defence 
Form 12.1: Amendments of a granted application of public defence 
Form 12.2: Amendments, Examination Board or opponent
Application for degree certificate for doctoral and licentiate degree

Other forms

Form 13: Application for credit transfer (revised 2016-12-01)
Form 14: Change subject to medical science/change department
Form 15: Application to change supervisor(s)
Form 16: Reporting credit-bearing activities
(new 2016-07-01)
Form: Activity and means of support for doctoral students (revised 2016-10-26)
Form: Registration visiting doctoral students
Form: Application for green light
(new 2017-03-13)

Applying for KID-funding

The Board of Doctoral Education invites applications for funding for doctoral students at Karolinska Institutet, KID-funding, for up to four years.

More about KID-funding


Rules and general syllabus

Rules for doctoral education at KI
General syllabi in the subject of medical science


Guidelines for announcing third-cycle (doctoral) positions 


Admission regulations for doctoral education (only in Swedish)
Check-list for the admission boards (only in Swedish)
Rules and general syllabus (page)

Half-time review

Instruction for board members at half time reviews

Support for writing the thesis

Support for writing the thesis
Guidelines for writing a compilation thesis summary chapter 

Public defence and licentiate seminar

Information to Examination Board, Opponent and Defence Chairperson (version 2016-07-01)
Instructions faculty representatives (lärarrepresentant) - nailing (only in Swedish)


Strategy for the Internationalisation of Doctoral/Third Level Education

Supervision of Doctoral students

Ethical Policy for supervision 
Successful Supervision - a dialogue facilitator 

Suspected attempts at cheating

Regulations for dealing with suspected attempts at cheating

Withdrawal of resources for doctoral students

Rules and instructions for withdrawal of resources for doctoral students

Directors of doctoral studies             

Descriptions of tasks for Directors of doctoral studies (in Swedish)

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