Executive and Professional Education

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Executive education is an opportunity for Karolinska Institutet to contribute to health care development and it can also reduce the gap between research and clinic/industry.

Why arrange executive education?

By organising executive education KI can develop and expand the activities to the community. It is also an opportunity to bring in new perspectives to KI’s undergraduate education and provides researchers and teachers with the opportunity for direct dialogue with clinics where new knowledge will be used.

Offering executive education is a way for departments to increase their training capacity by creating new and more education and increase the basic conditions of the overall educational activities at the department.

KI's goal for executive education

KI will work actively to bring research and development to the community by offering education on behalf of businesses, counties, municipalities and other parties.

Executive education could be organised in all life science areas where KI's expertise can be interesting in order to contribute to social development and reduce the gap between research and clinic/industry.

Executive education gives KI the opportunity to bring new perspectives into the operation and for researchers and teachers the opportunity for direct dialogue with clinics/businesses where new knowledge will be used.

By organising executive education KI increases the overall education volume and thus will improve the potential for excellence in education.

Executive education should be a planned part of the departments’ operations.

Forms of executive education

Exective education could be arranged as

• Courses tailored for the client's staff
• Open courses – i.e., KI produces a course and sells places on it to business/similar for their staff
• Places on existing courses/programmes offered to a company/similar for their staff
• Seminar series

    Do you want to arrange executive education at your department?

    Executive and Professional Education at KI has the overall responsibility for coordinating all executive education at KI. If you are planning to arrange executive education, if you want help to get started or if you have other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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