Equal treatment

KI strives to be an attractive study and working environment which is free from discrimination and provides equal opportunities for all.

Welcome to Karolinska Institutet´s online course on equal treatment


Welcome to a seminar with Oscar Pripp, senior lecturer and associate professor at Uppsala University

The goal of KI's equal treatment work is for these issues to permeate all activities and for the equal value and equal conditions of each individual to become a natural part of KI's culture. The work to reach this goal involves the development of knowledge and the changing of attitudes and behaviours.  More information is currently available at KI:s external website.

News and announcements

Scrutinizing students' experiences regarding lgbtq-awareness

29 May
During the spring of 2015, the Queerolinska student association carried out a survey in order to analyze students’ experiences regarding lgbtq-awareness at the university, and in order to compare the general notion of safety between lgbtq and non-lgbtq students.
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Questions about equal treatment: Students, education, research
Caroline Olsson


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Questions about equal treatment for staff
Sylvie Garnbeck


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Gender equality strategist
Klara Folkesson


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Coordinator equal treatment
Ulrika Helldén


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Equal treatments for students?

Read about equal treatment for students at our external website.