Environment and sustainable development

Here you find information about KI´s environmental and sustainability efforts, from plans and policy documents to what you as an employee can do to contribute.

According to KI:s environmental and sustainability guidelines KI we shall:

  • Through research and education contribute with knowledge on health and sustainable development
  • Use energy efficiently and in the future become climate-neutral
  • Reduce the climate impact of our business trips
  • Set environmental and ethical requirements for our procurements and purchasing
  • Minimize the health and environmental risks in the laboratory activities
  • Sort waste at source and reduce the amount of waste

News and announcements

Cycling Days at KI 2017

26 Apr
On the Cycling Days you will be able to leave your bike for service, listen to short speeches about cycling, sustainability and health, compete for renovated bikes or enter the raffle for a new bike!

Internal environmental audits at KI

14 Nov
This year's internal environmental audits at KI run mainly week 48-49. The departments Neuro, MEB, FyFa, NVS, BioNut, MedS, KBH and Swetox are being revised. In addition, the Board of Higher Education, the Board of Doctoral Education, the Board of Research and parts of the Central Administration are being revised.

Travel-free meetings at KI - a demonstration of videoconferencing - October 17 and 25

04 Oct
By using travel-free meeting alternatives instead of traveling you help reduce the climate impact of business travel, which is an important objective in KI’s environmental and sustainability work. Join our demonstration session of video conference and we will show you how.

Download the new poster on laboratory safety at KI

28 Sep
There's a new poster on laboratory safety at KI for you to print and post in your lab or office.
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Calendar events

Date: 11 May 10:00 - 14:00
Plats: Alfred Nobels allé 7, Södertörn University
Don´t miss the Cycling Days on Campus!
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Environmental coordinator
Ann Rämme Strömberg


08-524 862 41
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