Doctoral courses

Updated: 2017-03-09 in: Doctoral education
All doctoral students at Karolinska Institutet are required to achieve knowledge objectives equating to a combined minimum of 30 higher education credits (1.5 higher education credits equate to one week's full-time studies) for their doctoral degree, or at least 15 higher education credits for a licentiate degree.

Course catalogue

The course catalogue for the autumn semester 2017 is open for application during the period 13 April - 15 May 2017. Any vacancies are thereafter announced under Vacancies (see below/to the right).

Course vacancies

For vacancies on courses this and/or next semester, please see link(s) in the menu to the right!

Syllabi database

All syllabi for courses at doctoral level at KI are collected in this database:


Introduction for new doctoral students

All students at Karolinska Institutet admitted to doctoral education from have to participate in a general and compulsory introduction to doctoral education at Karolinska Institutet. More information and application.

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