Campus Flemingsberg – a new collective name

Updated: 2016-11-21 in: On Campus, Organisation, Startpage
To reinforce and simplify relations between the universities and the university colleges collaborating around the southern Stockholm campus, as of 1 December 2016 the KI Huddinge campus will be known as KI Campus Flemingsberg.

Flemingsberg, the area where the Huddinge campus is located, is growing at a fast pace, and today there are several universities and university colleges active on the same campus (KI, the Royal Institute of Technology, Södertörn University, the Swedish Red Cross University College and soon also the University College of Music Education in Stockholm). Huddinge municipality is investing in the development of its infrastructure with new housing, a larger railway station, shops and businesses. Each academic institution currently has its own name on the campus, but in light of these new development initiatives on and around the campus, there is a dire need for a joint name.

The issue of the campus name has been pursued from different quarters for many years. Local groups, representatives of the universities and colleges, Huddinge and Botkyrka municipalities and the county council, property owners, students and others have all agreed with Flemingsberg Science on a name: Campus Flemingsberg.

A collective name helps makes it easier:

  • for visitors to find the campus (the local railway station is called Flemingsberg).
  • to market joint activities and the campus area itself.

“It’s important for many reasons that KI’s two campuses in Solna and Flemingsberg have a distinct profile,” says Matti Sällberg, head of the Department of Laboratory Medicine and member of the naming group. “Moreover, a name is needed around which the different universities and colleges that are now relocating to new premises in Flemingsberg can gather. The name Campus Flemingsberg suits this purpose down to the ground. Karolinska Institutet is synonymous with Stockholm and identifying its two campuses as Campus Solna and Campus Flemingsberg locates them geographically clearly and well.”

Acting vice-chancellor Karin Dahlman-Wright took a decision on this matter in November, and the new name Campus Flemingsberg will be used internally and externally as of 1 December.


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